The new album from Black Flame, entitled THE ORIGIN OF FIRE, will be released
  in march 2015 by Avantgarde Music.
  The album will be presented in a A5 Digibook version, with the possibility to get
  a limited bundle version with T-Shirt included.
  Wandering Hermit
  My Temple of Flesh
  Unholy Cult of Rejection
  Under the Bridge of Illusions
  On the Trail of the Serpent
  The Fire Union
  The Demiurge (Dominus Dominatium)
  Wounded Torment
  The Gateway of the Sun
  Lucifer Rising
  PK from ABIGOR has contributed with additional guitars in:
  My Temple of Flesh
  On the Trail of the Serpent
  ISCARIAH from DEAD TO THIS WORLD has contributed with guest vocals in:
  On the Trail of The Serpent